Cabin Fever

Beach Sunset

Is anyone ready for spring? I know I am! I want to escape to the beach!!! Even though I’ve lived in Chicago pretty much my whole life, this winter has taken my tolerance over the edge. I’m sick of spending 15 minutes heating up the car before I can go anywhere. And I’m tired of struggling to put on layers of clothes on my squirmy toddler.  I can’t wait for this winter to end. Spring seems so very far away.

I hate winter, especially this one. I like having four seasons but the frigid temperatures and the piles of snow make me crazy! It’s been a miserable winter this year for Chicago and across the midwest. I’m totally over it.

I read an article this week that Illinois ranks second for states with highest move out rates. I can certainly understand that, in Chicago the summer is wonderful but five months out of the year I’m miserable. It would be nice to live someplace where there are warm temperatures almost year-round. But, at the moment this is just an idea. Who knows, maybe in a few years it will be more than just an idea.


We Are Outta Here

This weather is forcing us all to be indoors more than we’d like. Obviously, we’re all going a little cuckoo here being cooped inside all day. But thankfully, I just booked us a trip to Hawaii in March! Yahoo! At least now I have something to look forward to. Thank you airline miles for making it possible! I’m hoping by scheduling the vacation in mid-March, that there will only be a few more weeks of winter to suffer through once we return home. Or at least that’s my hope.

The trip can’t come soon enough. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the 9+ hour flight, each way, with a 2.5 year old. But, I’m willing to risk it to feel the sun on my face, and sand between my toes. I’m not a sun worshipper by any means, but I need to get me some sun.  I just got my Vitamin D level tested a few weeks ago and it was so low my doctor put me on a huge dose of vitamin D. No joke, the dosage is so high you cannot buy this high of dosage over the counter!


How are you surviving the winter?

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