6 Best Camping Spots in Ontario, Canada


One of the things that make Ontario, Canada loved the whole world over are the numerous camping sites available. The camping sites come in all sizes and some of them are located in areas where they give the campers the most as far as privacy is concerned. In addition, the sceneries around the camps are memorable and keep travelers coming back over and over. Below are 6 camping sites that you will love.

Charleston Lake

This is one of the oldest camping areas in Canada. Its popularity goes back all the way to the Victorian times. The ground has about 238 camp sites and has a variety of hiking trails ranging in length from a mile to 6 miles. Summer activities such as hiking, viewing wildlife, swimming, boating and canoeing keep both children and adults well entertained and relaxed.

Algonquin Park

This is one of the most popular camping grounds and features about 12 camping sites. It offers great back country camping and some of the inner sites can only be accessed through hiking trails or canoeing. In addition to using tents, you can rent canvas structures that are 8 sided known as yurts to camp in. The park offers many activities.

The Pinery

This is another camping area that is unique in that it allows camping to take place all year round. It has three main areas, two of them, Burley and Dunes that are only available during the summer months. The Riverside Pinery is ideal for winter camping. If you are looking for a traditional campsite in Canada, you will want to experience the Burley as it has no amenities added to it at all. The beach in Pinery Park is the most popular feature of this camping ground.

Killarney Park

This park is accentuated with some of the most breathtaking mountain ranges in all of Canada and this makes it super popular. It is normally open all year round but the summer months are so busy that you will need a reservation. During the summer, swimming and boating are the two most popular activities. The off season months are easy and normally no reservation is needed.

Bruce Peninsular National Park

In reality, this is a national park but it offers camping amenities. It is protected by the government as it contains some of the most amazing natural features in Canada. The park is loved for its trees, some of which are more than 1000 years old and the Georgian Bay that has crystal clear waters. Photography, kayaking and hiking are some of the popular camping activities.

Sandbanks Provincial Park

Many campers that have camped in Ontario have said that this is the best area to camp in the whole of Canada. Accentuated with a great aquatic backdrop, giant dunes and golden beaches, it is one of the most spectacular places in Ontario. The park hosts two great sandbanks and is so popular that it has been developed to have electricity and other amenities. Activities ranging from hiking, boating, and other activities are available to campers.

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