5 Ways to Make New Friends When Traveling


When traveling alone, you are bound to miss your family and friends. Nevertheless, that should never be the end of the world. There are a number of ways through which you can make new friends during the travel. Here are five ways to make new friends when travelling.

1. Make use of Coach-Surfing

Coach surfing is a service that connects its members to a global community of travelers. Through the service, you can find a place to stay or even decide to share your hometown with other travelers. Simply look up the city you are planning to visit and then browse the couches available. Browse through the profiles of travelers on the same couch and identify the ones you would like to stay with. Once you have reviewed their profiles, you can always send a coach request for the dates when you will be in town! Furthermore, coach surfers usually organize regular events in over 100,000 cities throughout the world. You can always take advantage of that.

2. Stay in hostels

You want to stay in a place where you are sure to meet other travelers, people who are also looking to make new friends. Most hostels are designed to have common areas like bars, kitchens, washrooms, and BBQs. Since everyone within the hostel uses the same TV room, you are likely to meet a few others who also love your favorite programs and soon you will be chatting home about the characters on the program and so much more.

3. Do ask questions when travelling

Questions will usually invite answers and that is how conversations start. You can ask the driver about his previous experiences on the same road. You could also ask the person seated next to you where they are coming from and their destinations. Even after you arrive at your destination, questions will always work to start a conversation. Ask the person you are staying with about their lifestyles, what they do for a living, how much they enjoy their jobs, which sports they enjoy, and the clubs they support. It will always work some magic.

4. Host a party or attend one

Attending a party gives you the chance to meet new people. You can consider showing at the party next door or if one is not coming around then you can opt to organize one yourself. You can use services such as Mendoza to inform people about your upcoming birthday and tell them where the party will be. Fellow travelers will hardly fail to show. If you do not know the town well enough yet, you can simply invite 10 or 15 people in your hostel and try to make the party as exciting as possible.

5. Volunteer

Volunteering gives you the chance to instantly meet new people. If you the type that enjoys helping the community, this option will definitely go down well with you. Almost every city has volunteer activities from street cleaning to planting trees and so much more. You will meet a few hundred people so all you have to do is strike a conversation and hope to make a new friend or two.

It might take a while before you meet true friends but as long as you are always exploring your options, you will never miss the company.

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