5 Best Beaches in California


California is famed the world over for having some of the most spectacular beaches. Many tourists and travelers make sure that they visit a beach in this area at least once every year and they always leave with the desire to come again. Below is description of 5 beaches that have the whole world to offer.

Laguna Beach

Laguna is one of the most fashionable towns found in Orange County. In addition to the great beach, the area is also very rich with the local culture. The best thing about this beach is that it has very clean water making it easy for people, local and international as well, to swim. The warmness of the Pacific makes the water along the beach appear white and you will love strolling along the beach. If you love outdoor activities, you will not fail to find guys playing beach volleyball and they will easily let you join.

El Matador Beach

El Matador is one of the busiest areas in California but this beach gives you a chance to unwind and relax. It is considered one of the most romantic beaches in California and as such you will find couples strolling along its stretch. The beach is ideal for picnicking, sunset dinners or just lying on the sand at night and watching the stars while enjoying the gentle breeze. This is the love beach of California.

Venice Beach

There is absolutely no other beach in the world that compares to Venice Beach. In addition to sunshine, surf and sand, Venice beach has a three ring modern street circus, is full of artists working on their philosophy, bodybuilders and sand sculptors. In addition, the beach has a board walk that is lined with fast food joints, stores and flea markets. This is the one beach that you cannot fail to visit while in California.

Catalina Island

This beach is so full of activities that you will find impossible to visit it and remain indoors. It is known as the social beach of California and has activities such as hiking, kayaking, horse riding, scuba diving and snorkeling. As the day goes down, a stroll on the beaches’ central island will give you the opportunity to take amazing photos and keep an eye out for grazing buffalo. The beach is located about 22 miles from the South Californian coast and is accessed by use of boats, jet-setters and helicopters. As you plan to visit this beach, make sure that your camera’s battery is full as this is the one beach that you will take most photos.

Hermosa Beach

This is another of the Californian beaches that have a myriad of outdoor activities. Daytime is full of activities such as strolling, jogging, blading and biking on the boardwalk along the beach. On the beach itself, you will find volleyball, sunbathing, paddleball, swimming and surfing ever taking place. Once the sun goes down, you can watch games played by locals and enjoy a drink or two at the bars around the beach. If you love partying, this is one beach you want to visit.

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